LAUNCH Human Resources provides human resources outsourcing services for businesses with under one-hundred employees. We are built on the idea that small business owners should have access to the same human resources functionalities that larger companies have without the large company cost.

Human Resources Compliance Audit

LAUNCH Human Resources' responsive team ensures your business is protected.

Customized Solutions

An independent 102 point analysis of your organization’s current practices and procedures.

Policy Development

Organizational guidelines.

Identifying Needs

LAUNCH Human Resources, in partnership with your small business, will establish and deploy company policies.

Customizable Training & Facilitation

Make your onboarding process stand out.

Organizational Socialization

Give your new employees the best start possible with LAUNCH Human Resources’ fully customizable training and facilitation sessions.

Electronic Employee File Storage & Maintenance

Save time and money with eFileCabinet.

You Can Count On Us

LAUNCH Human Resources has partnered with eFileCabinet for all of your document needs. Bring your office into the paperless era with LAUNCH Human Resources and eFileCabinet!

Ongoing Maintenance

Together we'll build a foundation of compliance.

Continued upkeep for the duration of your contract

With LAUNCH Human Resources, we will continue to maintain your Human Resources needs. There is never an additional fee for bringing on new employees or downsizing.

24/7 Manager Hotline for Human Resources Solutions

Get answers any day, any time.

We are here for you

Business concerns don’t always arise from 8 to 5 which is why LAUNCH Human Resources is available to you 24/7. We are just a call away.

We offer a package that’s right for you.

No two organizations are the same which is why LAUNCH Human Resources offers a unique pricing model to fit your small business needs. Our solution based services are designed to grow along with your organization.

  • HR Complete is the optimal bundled package offered to ensure your organization is compliant with laws and regulations.
  • HR Preferred will review and implement strategic initiatives for growth of your organization.
  • “A La Carte” for a project based option to identify and implement solutions.
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The Importance of HR Compliance

All businesses, big or small, are expected to abide by employment laws, labor laws, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The larger your organization, the more federal laws become applicable to you, such as Family Medical Leave Act. However, the penalties are the same for all business, big or small.

  • Avoid paying unnecessary fines.
  • Stay up-to-date with changing laws.
  • A strong Human Resources foundation can lead to success.
Local, state and federal Employment Laws are multi-faceted and ever-changing. These laws protect both employer and employee.
The Department of Labor enforces over 180 Labor Laws. LAUNCH Human Resources keeps up with all local and state regulations.
The financial impact of a single successful audit or investigation can save a company tens of thousands of dollars at a basic level and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, taxes, and penalties when more complex issues have been successfully addressed in advance.